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About Interiority Complex

We are more than a design firm with a unique brand and a clever name. We are a brand with a social mission. We strive to not only provide unique products and services, but to provide a better way of life for all who cross our threshold. Our company philosophy and culture promotes a focus on giving back to the community, cherishing and nourishing our families, and truly helping our clients enjoy a more stress-free life while living in a beautiful and healthy space.

Our Mission

Interiority Complex provides creative, affordable and eco-friendly design services and products. We believe that creating a beautiful space shouldn't break the bank, or the environment.

Our Mantra

Beautiful rooms. Beautiful earth. Beautiful lives.

in-ter-i-or-i-ty com-plex, n. in the fields of design psychology and décor analysis, an Interiority Complex is a feeling that one’s interior is inferior to others in some way. Such feelings can arise from an imagined or actual design-related inferiority in the afflicted room or space.  An interiority complex is thought to drive afflicted individuals to over-decorate or under-decorate, resulting either in a less than spectacular achievement,  extreme schizotypal decor, or both. 

We've got the cure for what ails you

Do you have the feeling that your interior is inferior? Whether you're decorating to sell or designing to dwell, our Certifed Design Therapists have been curing the Decoratively Perplexed with our unique approach to decorating and our design therapy programs since 2002. Thanks to our hard working team,  over 1,000 individuals & familes have been cured of these disorders and more:

Home Decorating Disorder 
Home Decorating Anxiety   
Compulsive Decorating Disorder   
Home Staging Fright 

Click on the Prescription below to visit our Diagnosis Center and find out what we prescribe for the most common decorating disorders...


We make house calls!

Look for the Interiority Complex Design-bulance which may be responding to a Decorating 911 call near you...

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